Studio MJA
Web | Graphics | Architecture


My name is Michele and I love Design.

I love design, working with my fellow creators, but most of all - I love making my clients look GREAT.

I have identified my unique gift to to visualize a concept and then put it on paper in a clean, elegant, and easy to understand design. To me, there is nothing more magical than creating your verbal story into a tangible and beautiful form.

After graduating with a Masters of Architecture degree, I began my career designing and building large architectural projects in Europe and Asia. Identifying that I loved helping others with additional types of design, I branched out into providing other services clients had needs for including web design, graphic design, illustration and more.

I am grateful to be able to do what I love and provide a full range of beautiful design services. For over 15 years I have been developing design skills, learning new softwares, and helping small business owners with all of their graphic needs.

I will make your brand or project look great. I will get to know what it is that sets you apart or how to visually sell your product. What is in your head can be seen and will be beautiful!